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Remote Control Kit - Neonatal with Language Labels
418720-901 418720-901-1
Patient Monitoring
Patient Monitors
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Product Overview

The Remote Control Kit - Neonatal is an assembly that provides an alternate means of interfacing with the patient monitors such as Dash™ monitors, Solar 8000 and Solar 8000i. It gives the user the flexibility to move around the room and still interface with the monitor. The kit consists of a remote control assembly 8000M, labels, box kit, remote keypad, mailer box and FRU service manual. The remote control assembly includes a membrane switch assembly, encoder switch assembly and remote control PCB. The remote keypad can be plugged directly into the front of the monitor or it can be mounted separately and cabled to the monitor. The Label has adhesive on the bottom side of the remote. It is generally made up of a polycarbonate or polyvinyl material with pressure sensitive adhesive tape. The kit is packaged in a mailer box and tape or glue is used at the box joint. The service manual contains instructions for the assembling and reassembling purpose. This service manual is used for instructions to replace the unit and to verify proper operation of the device after reassembly.

Compatible Products

SOLAR 8000i

SOLAR 8000i

Solar 8000M

Solar 8000M

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