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Snap Dome Switch Panel - Infant Warmer System
Maternal-Infant Care
Ohio Infant Warmer Systems
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Snap Dome Switch Panel is used in the Infant Warmer Controller Assembly. It is fixed to the front of the display board. The display board provides the interface between the operator and the control system. It displays the status of the unit, the patient status, and can also be used as a diagnostic aid. The operator controls the system by depressing the various switches on the front display. It is comprised of a snap dome switch and a gold-plated glass epoxy PCB for base gate. Space layer located over domes and dome sealer. Snap Dome switches (Special SS Alloys) are mounted and sealed on a gold-plated PCB to conduct the signals within the keyboard circuit. The switch contacts will be terminated on any variety of solderable connections which might be then interfaced with the controller. There are no conductors located on the back side of board 0.25 inch on center of PEM studs or edge of the board. Conductor width is 0.03 inch plated through holes have 0.001 inch minimum wall thickness of nickel plated. Connectors are to be 0.025 inch square pins with 0.01 inch pin spacing. These pins are not to be protruding through front of the board. The connectors have a dielectric breakdown of 500V minimum peak between any two connector pins. This whole assembly is then coated with a polyester overlay exploitation industrial grade adhesive.

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