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Door Kit with Latch/Mask
Maternal-Infant Care
Care Plus 3000 Access
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Door Kit with Latch/Mask is a component in the incubator assembly. An incubator provides an enclosed apparatus for premature babies by ensuring a controlled and protected environment for their care. It combines a modern microprocessor control with effective thermal performance and has features such as doors that allow access from either side, highly visible displays, controls that can be accessed from both sides of the incubator, and a larger bed surface with a rotating mattress option. These doors are attached to the incubator unit by means of a latch assembly. They provide an enclosure and ensures that the temperature is steady inside the incubator. The kit is comprised of doors with seals, a latch, cap screws, washers, curved spring washers and an instruction manual for the kit installation. The door is made up of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is a highly flexible material. The latch is fixed with a knob at both ends of the front door by a set of screws and washers. The latch is made up of nylon, a strong and elastic material. The screw, washer, springs made up of stainless steel provide good corrosion resistance. The whole kit is packed into single wall corrugated box with product id labeled for easy identification.

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Substitute Parts :

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  • Front door replacement kit (outer door with hdwe-bei
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