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Ivy 7800 Cardiac Trigger Monitor
Computed Tomography (CT)
IVY Monitor
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Model 7800 is Ivy Biomedical’s fifth generation of cardiac trigger monitors intended primarily for use on patients in applications requiring precision R-wave synchronization.  Incorporating a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen interface, the 7800 displays two simultaneous ECG vectors along with the patient’s heart rate. The Trigger ECG vector (top waveform) can be selected from Leads I, II, III, or Auto Lead Select The Second ECG vector (bottom waveform) can be selected from Leads I, II, or III If required, High and Low heart rate alarm limits can be adjusted to bracket the patient’s heart rate so that a violation of these limits produces an audible and visual indication of the alarm.

•Impedance Measurement: Measures impedance between the patient’s skin and each individual ECG electrode
•Automatic operation: After patient cables are connected and the monitor is receiving an ECG signal, the monitor finds the peak of the R-wave and generates synchronization pulses
•Bright TFT active matrix 84 in color touch screen LCD with a wide viewing angle and large heart rate characters enhance visibility of patient data
•Polarity lock helps reduce the number of false triggers when tall T waves or deep S waves occur
•Synchronized trigger output produces a trigger pulse starting at the peak of each R-wave – R to R trigger accuracy:±75?s
•Color trigger mark indicates timing of each trigger pulse with respect to the ECG
•System Interlock function indicates proper connection with the imaging device
•Integrated USB Drive – allows user to store and retrieve ECG events for retrospective analysis
•Auto-notch selects the correct ECG notch filter. This reduces interference on the ECG signal

Note: This is the Ivy 7800 Monitor only and does not include the IPC Integrated cable (E8007TB).  To get the full kit order item E8007RT.

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