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Sterile Disposable Biopsy Needle Guide Kit for GE BE9C Probe
U/S Needle Guides and Biopsy Kits
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  • Description:
  • For use with BE9C transducers
  • Procedure kits for ultrasound guided biopsy
  • Disposable design of guide reduces risks associated with cross-contamination
  • Cost-effective disposable kits helps maximize patient throughput
  • Stainless steel reusable biopsy guide allows for repeat usage after sterilization requirements have been met per hospital or clinic protocol
  • Directs instruments according to on-screen biopsy guidelines
  • Each Disposable Biopsy Needle Guide Starter Kit (E8387M) includes 24 sterile kits:
  • – Each sterile kit includes: 1 disposable needle guide, 1 latex probe cover, 1 non-latex probe cover and elastic bands
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