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  • 1.5T Disposable Prostate Coils - Pkg of 5 (PK)  

    • Disposable endorectal surface coil portion of Signa Endocavitary Coil System for imaging of the prostate
    • One use, disposable coil for enhanced patient comfort and safety
    • Coils are packaged 5 per box
    • Compatible with GE Signa 1.5T Systems
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  • Aearo Classic Earplugs for MRI  

    • Aero Classic Foam are bright yellow, latex-free, hypo-allergenic polymer foam earplugs; custom fit to any ear canal by simply rolling and inserting into ear
    • Recommended for patients or staff with medium to large ear canals
    • Offers NRR 29 dB protection
    • Packaged 200 pairs per carton
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  • Gurney, Non-Magnetic  

    • Non-magnetic, lightweight gurney for mobile environments
    • Adjusts to six height levels for easy patient transfers
    • Telescoping head-end main frame section allows gurney to be shortened for maneuverability around tight corners and spaces
    • Includes (4) locking casters, 3 in orange pad and (2) sets of restraining
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  • Hand Held Metal Detector  

    • Identifies ferrous and nonferrous metallic items in the MRI suite
    • Slender design provides 360 degrees plus detection coverage, including tip pinpointing
    • Easy to use with 1-touch button and 3-color LED display
    • Immediate audio or visual/vibration alarm signals
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